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Kev Rio

Songwriter/Singer/Guitarist and New Jersey native, "Kevin Riordan aka Kev Rio" started playing guitar at the end of 13 years old. First song he wanted to learn was "Rape Me" by Nirvana however his guitar teacher recommended he instead try "After Midnight" by Eric Clapton. Fast forward past Catholic School, College, and Corporate America his music still preserves the blend between grunge rock and blues but throws in a twist of something new.   


The Chime Bombs 2011 - 2013

A NYC Garage Rock project, The Chime Bombs began after Kev Rio met fellow musician and colleague Evan Lubeck in Manhattan. Adding Mike Alaska a famous NYC street performer on drums and Chicago native guitar prodigy Connor Grant, the Chime Bombs EP was recorded in the summer of 2012 at The End Studios in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Alby Cohen founder of Size McMusic recorded and produced the EP.   

Chime Bombs Band Photo.jpg

Kev Rio & The Dashing Gents 2014-2018 

Evolving the sound from the Chime Bomb's traditional guitar/drums, Kev Rio & The Dashing Gents expanded the line by adding synths and keys. Adding the talented New School Grad Mr. Jeff Barton to drums, the arpeggiated keys of Albert Goold from the Solid Goold Band and the artistic synth melodies of musician James Brown, gave The Dashing Gents a more diverse sound. The Dashing Gents LP was recording across various studios throughout NYC with Alby Cohen engineering and producing the album. 

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